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Albany Park Retail Scan

Last year, LISC/MetroEdge partnered with Lawrence Avenue Development Corp. (LADCOR), Albany Park Chamber of Commerce, and the North River Commission to research the existing retail environment in Albany Park, as well as present ideas for improving the retail landscape.

Just this month, LISC/MetroEdge finished its report on our neighborhood. While you should read the entire executive summary, residents should be comforted to know that the group points out that our area is a great place to live and shop. In fact, the main crux of the report is that Albany Park’s buying power (more than that of Wilmette, btw) can support more retail development and that our placement along the Brown Line is incredibly beneficial.

We will stay in contact with the representative groups to see how LISC/MetroEdge’s suggestions are being implemented in our area.


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Where to Shop/Eat/Play/Go?

yelpIt’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, going to the same two or three restaurants in your neighborhood, taking the same walk to the train, etc. Why not take advantage of this weekend’s reportedly nice weather (yay, mid-50s!) and try a new place? You never know when that one burrito place or shoe shop you’ve been walking by for the past five years will turn into your favorite.

Here’s a Yelp roundup of our neighborhood, Albany Park. If you’ve been stuck on Noon-o-Kebab for years, why not give Semiramis or Salam a try? If your Saturdays regularly include a trip to one of our three local Starbucks, why not try the charity-minded Blue Sky Bakery?

As for Albany Park News, we’re going to hit up the new Mayfair Market on Pulaski or Alexa Cafe, the cuban sandwich/coffee shop at Argyle and Pulaski. What’s your plan?

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Fish Guy Sales & News

Area gourmet fishmonger Bill Dugan, owner of The Fish Guy at 4423 N. Elston, is advertising this week’s “Spring Break” deals. Choose from Canadian hard shell lobster at $12/pound, organic tilapia at $6.95/pound, and raw, peeled shrimp at $15/two-pound bag. He’s also carrying several excellent varieties of clams.

In addition, The Fish Guy’s in-house restaurant, Wellfleet, is now taking reservations for March dinners. This exclusive, upscale menu is a great way to enjoy truly excellent seafood prepared by a master. Tickets are $100/person.

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